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Entire Sound is the official website of PSC Audio and WHT Speakers



Cables do sound different.

When you need more from

your system.

The P.S.C. range of cables is a natural extension to the opportunity to fine tune all systems, to suit all individual expectations and a wide range of equipment types and combinations.

Outstanding quality speakers

WHT has been producing high-end loudspeakers from their Sydney based premises for the past 25 years.


All WHT speakers are equipped with matched high efficiency drivers along with extensive cabinet reinforcement and a strong design sensibility.


All our Australian made woofers are constructed by the dedicated WHT team.



Stella MK II RCA cable [Recorded by iPhone 5s]

Stella MK II RCA cable [Recorded by iPhone 5s]

Stella MK II RCA cable [Recorded by iPhone 5s]
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Stella MK II - [Recorded by iPhone 5s]

Stella MK II - [Recorded by iPhone 5s]

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