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IQM Reference

Arguably the most versatile speaker on the market. Each cabinet featuring two 10" woofers with 16 ohm impedance each and triple winding voice coils.

Adjustable front and rear firing tweeters helping to recreate room ambiance.


Like all IQM woofers the drivers are designed to work in pairs. The IQM bass response can be tuned with the adjustable passive bass control system.

Shaping the room bass response with acoustic panels can overdamp the midrange and treble frequencies.


IQM offers simple and very effective solution. By closing or opening five IQM Reference ports only bass response can be adjusted without affecting midrange and treble. So called "close box" can be created by closing all five ports making the IQM a very flexible speaker.


With 104dB efficiency IQM reference represents perfect match for tube and solid state amplifiers.



Technical details



  • General2 way floorstanding with adjustable bass

  • Drivers :

    • Woofer : Multiple 10" WHT mid/bass (crossover-less) woofers. Paper cone treated moulded not pressed. Annealed silver ribbons wired directly from woofer to the binding post.

    • Tweeter : 8mm x 120mm x 0.015mm ribbon enforced sandwich. Tweeter frequency response 1250Hz - 42kHz. Wired with silver ribbons direct

  • Frequency response : 17Hz - 42KHz +/-3db

  • Impedance : 8 Ohm

  • Crossover : Woofers: no crossover, Tweeter: 1.2kHz

  • Power : 1W-500W 104db/m/W




  • Width : 30cm (11.8")

  • Height : 110cm (43")

  • Depth : 55cm (21.6")

  • Weight : 44 kg (97 lb) each

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